Protect and differentiate your DAC V1 with 
Neutron HiFi Case!

Designed to protect reliably your valuable Neutron HiFi™ DAC V1 device being at the same time a great looking designer item differentiating your device from all others.


Advanced outside
and inside

Magnetic button

Magnetic button eliminates mechanical parts, like pin-button, which can become loose with time. You do not need to apply force to fasten or unfasten it either, so no stretched leather after some use.


Genuine leather

High quality genuine leather gives great look & feel as well as makes case more durable in comparison with artificial materials. It is a hand-crafted artisan item.


Reliable protection

Provides reliable protection of the device's body from environmental threats: scratches, damage or shock when dropped, exposure to direct sunlight, and the like. Such protection takes care of your device, allowing it to work indefinitely.


Practical design

Embraces tightly the device making both a monolithic easy to use construction, USB and headphone jacks are easily accessible, OLED display is exposed fully, side ring allows to attach case to your belt or bag.

Looks great
and great in protecting your device

Smart & Reliable

Practicality and great look joined together

Our designer leather case joins great look and practicality together. It provides great protection for a device and pleases eyes at the same time!


The side ring allows you to attach the case to your belt or bag, minimizing the risk of losing your device.

Magnetic Button

Increases the comfort of usage to the next level as well as increases reliability by avoiding any mechanical parts which can become broken with time.


The OLED screen is open and easy to read, so you can keep device always inside the case.

Reliable Design

Made of leather, the case conforms perfectly to the device, making it feel like a single, unified unit. It's also comfortable to use.


Match your case to your outfit, your mood, or your music

Express yourself in full fidelity with a wardrobe of colors for your Neutron HiFi™ DAC V1 device. 

Our premium leather cases come in five stunning options: Red, Green, Blue Grey, Pink, and Black

Collect them all and swap them on the fly to showcase your unique style!

Beautiful and functional


Genuine leather


54 * 23 * 19 mm

Aesthetic design
to please your eyes


What device can I put inside the case?

This leather case is compatible only with Neutron HiFi™ DAC V1 device.

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