Neutron HiFi DAC V1


Function USB-C™ to 3.5 mm headphone jack audiophile audio adapter with extended DSP functionality
Controller NXP K-Series
Digital Input USB-C™ jack
Analog Output 3.5 mm headphone jack (24K Gold-plated)
Output Level 2 Vrms, 1 Vrms (optional)
Output Impedance < 0.6Ω
Frequency Response Analog performance: 0-300 kHz (all frequency components 0-192 kHz are passed without attenuation at max PCM frequency 384 kHz)
Channels 2 (Stereo)
PCM Bits 16, 24, 32
PCM Frequency 44100, 48000, 88150, 96000, 176400, 191500, 352800, 384000
Native DSD 64, 128, 256
DSD over PCM (DoP) 64, 128
DSP (Sound Effects)  Parametric EQ (20/10-bands, per channel) with Preamp Gain control, Graphic EQ presets, Frequency Response Correction (FRC) with AutoEq database, Crossfeed, Lossless Balance, DSP Effect Chaining
Headset Microphone Supported (CTIA)
Headset Buttons Supported (Play/Pause, Stop, Next/Previous Track, Voice Command, Volume +/-)
OLED Display Yes
Compatibility USB-C / USB Audio 2.0, Apple iPhone/iPad requires Lightning to USB Camera Adapter for devices with Apple Lightning port
Firmware Update Supported (OTA via Configurator utility)
Color Silver or Iron Grey
Dimensions 50 x 19.9 x 9.6 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 13 gr

Audio performance

  32 Ohm 600 Ohm 100 kOhm
Max Measured Level 1.257 / 1.262 Vrms 2.03 Vrms 2.033 Vrms
THD+N (see Note) 0.000462% / -106.7 dB 0.00028% / -111 dB 0.00028% / -111 dB
DNR 116 dBA 120 dBA 120 dBA
SNR 115.9 dBA 119 dBA 119.5 dBA
Noise Floor  2.574 / 2.592 μVrms 2.727/2.693 μVrms 2.695 / 2.700 μVrms
Frequency Response/Flatness ±0.02 dB @ 20-20 kHz ±0.018 dB @ 20-20 kHz ±0.018 dB @ 20-20 kHz
Crosstalk 69 dB 93.6 dB 117 dB


Audio performance is obtained by instrumental measurement of the real device performance and acquired with Audio Precision specialized software. THD+N is measured with the following conditions: amplifier mode 2 Vrms, 20-20 kHz, unity gain, 20 kHz BW.






Connect your headset or speakers to DAC V1 device before trying to connect to it with NConfigurator app, otherwise DAC V1 will reside in a deep sleep mode and will not be available as an active USB device available for configuration by NConfigurator.




Example of the box with Neutron HiFi™ DAC V1, Silver color:

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