Enjoy the silence with 
Neutron HiFi Isolator V1!

Carefully crafted for you to eliminate power noise from USB power and data signal paths, as well as to protect your valuable USB device from electric hazards with a galvanic barrier. IP67-rated.


Reliable outside
and inside

Noise barrier

Developed to provide full isolation of the power and USB data signals. Eliminates Ground loop problem. Its ultra-low noise design addresses demanding needs for audiophile music listening experience - no ticks, pops & clicks and humming  in the audio output!


Reliable Protection

Reliably protects your valuable USB device from damage by electrostatic discharge (ESD) and isolates it from abnormally high voltage on Power and Data paths for up to 60 seconds. Acts as a brick wall for all common electrostatic hazards caused by malfunctioning USB ports (especially in public places).


Plug & Play design

Just plug Isolator V1 between USB host and your another USB device and magic starts happening - your device will receive fully isolated USB signals and power up to 400 mA. If USB client device needs more power we provide USB Micro-B port for additional external power supply.


Robust exterior

IP 67-rated, aluminum case is highly reliable and protects internal paths and components from external impact as well as from electromagnetic interference. Gorilla Glass 3 panels on both sides protect from scratching making device very durable. No plastic parts to provide unprecedented long life of our device.

Your advanced solution
for noise removal

Digital and Analog
noise barrier

Digital and Analog domains

Noise comes from both, digital and analog domains. Digital paths are affected by analog noise which is then spreading to other connected components. As a result such mixed-signal components such as DAC, ADC or Sensor may produce unexpected result. DAC may produce audio with added analog noise, ADC may capture audio with added noise, Sensor may show erroneous values.

Isolator V1 is designed to isolate source noise galvanically from the Client in the digital and analog domains effectively allowing Client's logic to deliver expected results to you.


Isolator V1 supports isolation of up to High Speed digital signal (USB 2.0, 480 Mbps). USB data is accurately reproduced and sent to the Client without any added analog noise which could be delivered by the Host .


Advanced analog design supports harvesting of USB power (VBUS) from the Host up to 0.4A 5V. It also supports power delivery to the Client via the external connector in case Client requires more power than it can be harvested from the Host.


digital signal

USB signal conditioning

USB signals become prone to corruption with increasing frequency of transmission that lowers overall transmission rates or causes noise in the digital audio case due to unchecked Isochronous USB transfers. There are many factors which may affect signal such as absence of shielding adds noise from radio waves (WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular and etc.), incorrect signal routing of the Host controller, overly long USB cable, corrosion of USB connectors and so on.


Isolator V1 will redrive received USB signal by capturing it and reproducing with applied retiming. The result will be always unified signal no matter to what Host you connect it.

Unified signal

Standardizes output USB signal by receiving it from the Host and reproducing in always unified manner: signal amplitude, phase shift, jitter.

Expected signal jitter

USB signal is re-clocked with a help of the high-precision Crystal which has great frequency tolerance and stability in the wide temperature range from -40° to +125°.

Error correction

Isolator V1 does not propagate errors in USB signal from the Host side. Therefore your USB Client is always protected from any unexpected misbehavior caused by erroneous USB signal.


for your valuable device

Surge & electrostatic shock protection

Complete isolation of digital and analog paths makes your device fully protected from the surge and electrostatic shocks when it is connected to USB via Isolator V1.

Whether it is USB socket in the airport or airplane, bus, school - these power sources are not reliable as they are exposed to the external environment. Isolator V1 eliminates the danger of burning your device by the malfunctioning USB port acting as a shield.


±8000 V IEC 61000-4-2 ESD protection across the isolation barrier


±3000 V DC functional isolation for 60 seconds

XO 45.1585, 49.152 -> DAC

Boost precision 
of analog operations

Ultra-low noise power design

Isolator V1 has ultra-low noise design which achieves lowest possible output power noise at any load when harvesting power from the Host's USB (VBUS). 

Thanks to isolating nature of the device the noise caused by the Ground Loop problem when you connect USB device to PC or other AC-powered equipment is eliminated completely.

Input noise suppression

Besides isolation Isolator V1 suppresses input power noise coming from USB host. Your USB device will get clean and stable power generated by Isolator V1 at any supported load.

for audiophiles

Noise elimination

When USB DAC or digital audio player (DAP) is connected to PC you can often hear some periodic noise (pops & clicks) especially when some activity over USB is happening, for example when copying files to DAP. Often you can also hear humming noise.
Inserting Isolator V1 in the middle of USB transmission and power delivery effectively eliminates all these issues, so you get clear audio output which is free from any noise artifacts.

Clean audio spectrum

Audio spectrum is no longer penetrated by the power noise (see 1-st slide: [PC → Isolator V1 -> DAP]) therefore audio frequencies are reproduced accurately and you do not hear any additional noise.

for your measurements

True measurement results

Precise measurements can be affected by the power noise if it inflows into the sensor and ADC areas of the device. It can be audio capturing where you really do not want to capture noise, or even cardiovascular measurement where you want to see precise values and graph. Noise can ruin results of the measurements easily.

Isolator V1 isolates USB Client from the Ground Loop, protects from Power shocks and suppresses Power noise. All these measure contribute to the true measurement results.

Noiseless, battery-like power source

Power provided by Isolator V1 can be compared to the power of the battery which is known to be noiseless. You get unpolluted frequency range for your precise and sensitive measurements which will no longer be affected by power noise factor. Isolator V1 allows to use stationary high-power PC as measurement host without a fear that measurements can be polluted by the power noise.

power state indication

Dual power design

Isolator V1 support dual power sourcing. It can source power from USB Host an it can pass external power from USB Micro-B jack to USB-C jack for USB Client in case USB Client requires more power for operation than Isolator V1 can harvest from USB Host port. Design provides clear indication of both states.

USB Power

This icon indicates the condition when Isolator V1 is connected to USB Host and is sourcing enough power for its operation.

Ext Power

External power is provided via USB Micro-B jack to USB-C jack for USB Client.


Powerful and compact

Digital isolation

±5700V RMS
for 60 seconds

Analog isolation

±3000V DC
for 60 seconds

Output power

Internal: 2W (0.4A, 5V)
External: 15W (3A, 5V)


USB 2.0 (1.5, 12, 470 Mbps), USB-C jack: Host & Client
USB Micro-B: External power


2 icons (Power/USB Connect, DC External Power)


40.3 x 22.3 x 20 mm
Aluminum, Gorilla Glass 3

Aesthetic design
to please your eyes

The same in
Iron grey


Is it compatible with my device?

Isolator V1 is USB 2.0 compliant device therefore it is compatible with all USB 2.0 devices and backwards compatible with older USB 1.0 devices. It supports 1.5 Mbps (Low Speed), 12 Mbps (Full Speed), and 480 Mbps (High Speed) data rates.

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