Your path to audio excellence with Neutron HiFi DAC V1!

Neutron HiFi™ DAC V1 is a portable Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) device that transforms digital audio data from your phone, computer, or other sources received via USB-C into a high-quality analog sound. It supports high-resolution audio formats (PCM, DSD) and offers advanced features to customize your listening experience by playing such roles as:

  • Headphone Amplifier (powers your favorite headset universally, acts as intermediary between USB host and headset)
  • Preamplifier between USB host (PC or mobile device) and Amplifier

Perfection in every element
nothing overlooked

High resolution sound

Delivers true, high precision sound converted from up to 32-bit/384 kHz PCM or up to DSD256 digital signal. Hardware design is backed by leading DAC chip from ESS Technologies, ultra-low noise power supply and dual master clock.

Reliable & Smart

The real-time ARM Cortex-M4 controller is driven by advanced Neutron HiFi™ firmware that ensures reliable high-power audio output and smart power consumption of your device at the same time.

Informative display

High-contrast, low-power OLED display provides useful information about output audio format and device state. Display is made from Gorilla Glass 3 to be shock, scratch resistant and it looks and feels really gorgeously.

Robust exterior

Well-thought, aluminum case is highly reliable as well as it protects sensitive internal components from external impact, including electromagnetic interference, that improves audio quality even more.

Audiophile Sound
on the Go

Portable headphone amplifier

For discerning listeners who crave high-fidelity audio on the go, the Neutron HiFi™ DAC V1 delivers an irresistible combination of audiophile sound and unmatched portability.

Tired of the limitations of your mobile device's built-in DAC or the lackluster audio quality of included dongles? DAC V1 steps in, bypassing these weak links to deliver pristine, powerful audio through its standard 3.5mm headphone jack. This lets you leverage your favorite existing earphones or headphones, ensuring a familiar listening experience with a dramatic boost in fidelity. 

Mobile & single-chip USB dongle DAC replacement

Unlike mobile device and USB-C audio dongle limitations, DAC V1 boasts superior DAC hardware. This translates to a noticeable improvement in sound quality - richer detail, wider soundstage, and more accurate representation of the audio source.

Optimized power consumption

DAC V1 is designed for low power consumption (up to 100 mA on average), ensuring it won't drain your mobile device's battery like some power-hungry DACs. This also makes it compatible with mobile devices known for disabling high-drain USB peripherals (Apple iPhone/iPad, Samsung Galaxy Sx, ...).

Single 3.5mm Jack

DAC V1 utilizes a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing you to leverage your favorite existing headset. This also allows to make device smaller due to the presence of just one headphone jack.


Beyond Mobile:
Desktop Powerhouse

Empower your stationary audio

While the Neutron HiFi™ DAC V1 excels as a mobile audio companion, its capabilities extend far beyond smartphones and tablets. This versatile device can transform your desktop listening experience as well.

Precision Preamplifier

Connect DAC V1 to your laptop, PC, or even a Raspberry Pi, and unlock its hidden potential as a high-precision audiophile preamplifier. This bypasses your computer's built-in soundcard, which can be prone to noise and distortion. 

Powerful Amplification

The pre-amplified signal from DAC V1 can then be fed into a dedicated headphone amplifier or a full-fledged audio system, allowing you to unlock the true potential of your high-end headphones or speakers.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Imagine ditching the awkward struggle of connecting earphones under your desk. With DAC V1, any accessible USB port, like those on your monitor, becomes a high-quality audio source. Simply connect DAC V1, and your computer instantly recognizes it as a new audio device, freeing your main soundcard for other purposes like video conferencing or system notifications.

Your Desktop Audio Hub

DAC V1 transcends its portability, transforming into a desktop audio hub. It elevates your computer's audio output, providing a cleaner and more powerful signal for your favorite headphones or audio system.


State of the art
hardware design

Digital and Analog

We meticulously considered every aspect of digital and analog audio processing during the design, ensuring ultra-low noise power throughout the system for exceptional audio quality.

DAC V1 is using flagship audio DAC chip from ESS Technologies which provides the most pleasant stereo image and audio quality.


Eliminates audio glitches for a seamless listening experience. By ensuring all channels receive data consistently from USB to the DAC chip, we prevent noise caused by timing issues.


Premium parts and advanced circuitry create pure, distortion-free audio. We unlock the full potential of the DAC and supporting components for an unmatched listening experience.

Note: This image does not reflect the real hardware design of the device.

Smart & Reliable

Real-time ARM Cortex-M4 MCU

Experience flawless audio, always. Our cutting-edge, hard real-time system delivers crystal-clear, stable sound at any supported sample rate.
Device is operated by the proprietary Neutron HiFi™ firmware that enriches it with many features such as DSP (Parametric EQ, Crossfeed), persistent settings and smart power saving.

Stable Audio Quality

Realtime system ensures absence of audible glitches and instability, fully deterministic behavior guarantees highest possible audio quality.

Over-the-air updates (OTA)

Neutron HiFi™ firmware updates are backed by NConfigurator companion app over the Internet, therefore you get always latest and flawless firmware.

Power Saving

For longer music listening, we've developed smart power-saving features that optimize battery life of your mobile device without compromising the performance.


clocking mode

2 x ultra-low phase noise Crystal Oscillators

Dual, ultra-precise clock oscillators eliminate jitter and ensure pristine audio quality. By operating in Integer Mode, we bypass fractional conversions, achieving the lowest possible distortion (THD+N) for unmatched listening.

45.1584 Mhz

44.1, 88.2, 176.4, 352.8 kHz

49.152 Mhz

48, 96, 192, 384 kHz

XO 45.1585, 49.152 -> DAC

Highest possible
audio precision

Ultra-low noise design

For superb audio quality, the accuracy of converting digital information to analog sound is crucial. Inaccurate conversion can introduce unwanted noise, like pops and crackles, due to uneven variations in volume or timing.
Precision of audio signal and its noise can be measured and expressed as Total Harmonic Distortion Plus Noise (THD+N) where 0.0001% is the residual distortion of measurement equipment. i.e the lowest. Highest audio quality has lowest THD+N.
DAC V1 boasts an ultra-low noise design that delivers unmatched audio clarity. By minimizing distortion (THD+N), we achieve sound quality that surpasses even complex devices.

High-quality components

DAC V1 cuts no corners. Built with premium, ultra-low noise components exceeding industry standards, it delivers exceptional audio performance, remarkable durability, and virtually silent operation.

Intelligent routing

Our intelligent circuit design minimizes noise interference, ensuring pristine audio quality. We've carefully considered how components connect to prevent digital noise from affecting the sensitive analog circuitry.

Built-in DSP
for any audio content

Legendary Neutron HiFi DSP

Tiny device hosts high-quality advanced audio effects (DSP), well known to you if you are using Neutron Music Player. DSP is optionally available for any audio PCM content when using DAC V1, no matter whether you listen to the music or watching video, DSP is working for you in any scenario. It is completely app and content independent DSP!

By default DSP is inactive and DAC V1 is operating in audiophile bit-perfect mode. DSP can be activated and managed via the NConfigurator app.

Parametric EQ (PEQ)

Fine-tune your listening experience with DAC V1's powerful 20-band per-channel Parametric EQ (PEQ). Adjust each channel for a personalized soundstage, or choose from a variety of presets optimized for different music genres.


Crossfeed DSP mimics the natural sound experience of listening to speakers in a room. By subtly blending the left and right channels, it creates a wider, more natural stereo image that's easier on your ears during extended listening sessions.


Surround DSP is based on Ambiophonics R.A.C.E. algorithm. It creates the surround effect for any music conent when played through external speakers. Ambiophonics R.A.C.E. is a special technology that works with your regular stereo speakers to create a wider, more immersive listening experience.

Frequency Response Correction (FRC)

DAC V1 combats frequency inconsistencies in headphones with advanced correction. It utilizes a massive database (AutoEq) containing thousands of headphone profiles to automatically tailor the sound for your specific model. This ensures a balanced, accurate listening experience across all frequencies.

DSP Effect Chaining

DAC V1 supports execution of multiple DSP effects simultaneously (chaining):

  • 10-band PEQ + Crossfeed
  • 10-band PEQ + Surround
  • 10-band PEQ + FRC
  • FRC + Crossfeed
  • FRC + Surround

Personalized audio
to please your hearing

Neutron HiFi DSP is caring for you

Hear music exactly how you like it. DAC V1 recognizes that everyone hears differently. Its advanced DSP lets you personalize the sound by adjusting for your unique hearing or preferences. No more unpleasant tones or disbalanced stereo image – just pure listening enjoyment.

Per channel EQ

Does your hearing favor certain tones? With DAC V1's Parametric EQ, you can tailor the sound to your preferences! Easily adjust the frequency response in each channel for a personalized listening experience.

Lossless Balance

Fine-tune your lossless listening experience. Adjust the balance for PCM and DSD audio, without sacrificing pristine sound quality. This ensures a perfectly personalized soundstage without altering the original audio.


Versatile & Revolutionary
media controls

Control media playback easily

DAC V1 supports standard 3-button in-line headset media controller. We went even further and provide possibility to control media playback by simply double-tapping the device enclosure with a finger - no weak buttons, just tap the device!


DAC V1 supports 3-button media controller with Volume +/-, Headset/Play/Pause buttons. Implementation is fully compliant to the Android AOSP requirements (see Figure 3).

Double-tap action

Neutron HiFi™ firmware adds possibility to control media playback with a user-customizable double-tap actions. You can double-tap top/bottom or any side of device to invoke the desired media action which can be assigned via NConfigurator app. You get: Next, Previous, Pause actions in addition to the headset's media buttons.



Know your audio output format

DAC V1's clear OLED display keeps you informed about the output format and device status, ensuring you're always in control of your listening experience.


Bit depth reflects the granulation of audio data. More bits result in better audio quality (less granular, lower Quantization Noise). DAC V1 supports all common bit depths - 16, 24 and 32 bits.


Frequency reflects the density of audio data. Higher density results in higher audio quality. DAC V1 supports multiples of 44.1 kHz up to 352.8 kHz and multiples of 48 kHz up to 384 kHz.


Stay informed with Neutron V1's OLED display! It clearly shows if DSP effects are on, letting you know when you're in bit-perfect mode for purest sound. Plus, it indicates playback status, so you can see if audio is currently playing.



Convenient indication

See clearly, anywhere. DAC V1's intelligent display can be adjusted to your environment with convenient modes like inversion, static brightness, and even automatic rotation.


Perfect for any lighting! DAC V1's display offers a sleek black-on-white mode for easy reading in bright environments or to match your design preferences.


Always in view! No matter how you hold DAC V1, the built-in sensor automatically adjusts the display for perfect readability.

Configurable Orientation

Prefer a fixed view? DAC V1 lets you customize the display orientation through the NConfigurator app. Simply disable the auto-rotate and choose your preferred setting.


Packed with custom accessories

Indulge your audiophile spirit with premium accessories designed to complement your DAC V1.

Genuine Leather Case

Luxurious genuine leather cases are available for unmatched protection and a touch of elegance. 5 colors are available: Black, Red, Green, Blue Grey and Pink!

Professional USB cable

Custom USB cables with 24K gold-plated connectors accompany DAC V1 and deliver a statement piece alongside top-notch performance.


High-end functionality in a tiny form factor

PCM bits

16, 24, 32

PCM frequencies

44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384 kHz


64, 128, 256
DSD over PCM (DoP): 64, 128


USB-C jack
Via cable: USB-C, USB-A, USB Micro-B


96 * 16 pixels
OLED, Gorila Glass 3


50 * 19.9 * 9.6 mm

Aesthetic design
practical and functional

The same in
Iron grey

Advanced & Serious  
but always your audio friend!  


Hi-Fi Audio Performance


Is it compatible with my device?

Neutron HiFi DAC V1 is USB 2.0 and USB Audio 2.0 specification compliant device. It should be compatible with all host devices which support these standards.

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