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with Neutron HiFi™ USB cables!

Experience the difference with Neutron HiFi™ USB cables. Engineered for audiophiles, these cables deliver rock-solid data transfer, essential for isochronous USB audio where maintaining a steady stream and avoiding dropped packets is crucial (isochronous USB transfers do not have packet-loss correction).

Built to Eliminate Interference:

  • Correct Isolation: Ensures your signal stays pure and free from electrical noise.
  • Oxidation-Resistant Materials: Tinned copper wires and 24K gold-plated connectors guarantee long-lasting, reliable performance.
  • Professional Shielding: Stylish, aluminum alloy connector shells provide additional noise isolation and exude a professional look and feel, perfectly complementing your high-fidelity audio setup.

hardware design

Elastic and Durable

Neutron HiFi™ USB cables combine the best of both worlds: superior elasticity and long-lasting durability. This innovative design makes them perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.


Noise immune

Neutron HiFi™ USB cables are engineered for sonic purity. They feature a multi-layer shielding system that effectively blocks electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

Corrosion resistant

Neutron HiFi™ USB cables boast 24K Gold-plated connectors, creating a resilient barrier against corrosion - a common enemy of signal fidelity. Combined with Tinned Copper wires, these cables deliver a flawless audio experience you can trust.


Performs Blazingly-Fast

Neutron HiFi™ USB cables deliver exceptional data transfer speeds, ensuring flawless audio transmission. USB 2.0 compliant (480 mbps), they also support fast charging up to 10W for your convenience.

*** fully custom ***

Specially selected and manufactured parts

Neutron HiFi™ USB cables are not regular USB cables you find on the market. We have selected and manufactured every part of the cable to ensure this unique quality - performance, usability, look and feel.


The connectors are made specifically for Neutron HiFi™ USB cables, including their custom 24K Gold-plating which is achieved in a separate manufacturing step.


We achieved this degree of flexibility and elasticity after many iterations. Premium-quality custom-selected Nylon braiding with this special print is designed and manufactured specifically for Neutron HiFi™ USB cables.


The challenge with the cores was to create an elastic and flexible wire that was thin enough but had sufficient electrical properties.


Premium Tinned Copper

Neutron HiFi™ USB cables utilize tinned copper cores. This premium material offers the following advantages:

Preserved Performance

The tin plating safeguards the pure copper core from corrosion, ensuring long-lasting, reliable signal transmission.

Built to Flex

Tinned copper offers superior flexibility compared to bare copper. This makes the cable more resistant to damage from frequent bending, perfect for on-the-go lifestyles or tight spaces. No more worries about tangled cables or compromised audio quality.


Highly-performing wire in all aspects

Neutron HiFi™ USB cables comply with USB 2.0 standard, delivering data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps. They also support fast charging up to 10W, keeping your devices powered with enough energy while you enjoy your music.

Least but not last:

Effortless Elasticity

The cable's inherent elasticity allows for comfortable coiling and tangle-free storage. No more struggling to untangle a mess of wires before your listening session.

Durable Protection

High-quality nylon braiding encases the core, safeguarding it from everyday wear and tear. This durable material ensures the cable maintains its elasticity and flexibility over time, even with frequent use.

Distinctive Braiding Pattern

The high-quality nylon braiding incorporates a subtle yet stylish Neutron HiFi™ pattern, adding a touch of class to your audio setup. It's a cable that looks as good as it performs.


Oxidation-Resistant and Reliable

Neutron HiFi™ USB cables feature premium connectors engineered to deliver an exceptional experience:

24K Gold Plating

Provides superior corrosion resistance compared to standard connectors. This ensures a reliable, long-lasting connection that won't degrade over time due to rust or oxidation.

Enhanced Conductivity

Gold plating maintains exceptional electrical conductivity, guaranteeing pristine signal transmission for pure, uncompromised audio (recall Isochronous USB transfers).

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Shell

Provides an additional layer of EMI shielding to protect your signal from unwanted noise and interference. The slim design ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Stylish and technically advanced


High Speed
USB 2.0, 480 Mbps


Fast charge
10W (2A 5V)


Tinned Copper


Shielded, Premium Nylon-braided, Elastic and Flexible


24K Gold-plated
Aluminum alloy shell (slim)
Laser-engraved logo

Neutron HiFi™ USB Cables:
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Are these USB cables compatible with my device?

Neutron HiFi™ USB cables are industry-standard and therefore compatible with any USB device. You only need to match the connector and jack of your device.

Neutron HiFi™ USB cables are generally highly recommended for use with Neutron HiFi™ devices for guaranteed performance.

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